Thursday, July 7, 2011

papa zuzu's - mt. pleasant, sc

If you are interested in fresh Greek and Mediterranean food, then Papa Zuzu's is your spot. Located off of Coleman Boulevard in an unassuming shopping center, Zuzu's offers a great selection of healthy, yet delicious choices.

I chose a Half Sized Grilled Chicken Gyro and shared a yummy Greek Salad with my hubby. The Gyro was full of flavor and was not dry at all, which was my previous experience with gyros at other places. It was filled with a generous portion of grilled chicken strips, tomato, and tzatziki sauce served on pita bread.

The small Greek Salad was unusual since it was not prepared with lettuce. Beautiful chunks of cucumber were the base of the salad followed by tomato, onion, a delicious dressing and a wedge of feta. The best part - I was sharing with my husband and she split the portion for us.

He had the Chicken Pita which looked delicious and it appeared to have more tzatziki sauce.

Then for desert, my husband had their Greek yogurt topped with honey, strawberries and blueberries. He enjoyed the healthy option as a conclusion to our dinner.

Something else noteworthy - they serve Nantucket Nectars - a delicous juice line that started in Nantucket, which also was the spot were we honeymooned almost eight years ago.

I would definitely recommend Zuzu's to anyone looking for a great lunch or dinner. The service was friendly and the food was yummy! We will definitely be back.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

local's bar - mt. pleasant, sc

Local's bar is a true hidden gem in Mount Pleasant. It is located in the Queensborough shopping center surrounded by offices, and businesses. It's called Local's for a reason, the tourist could never find it!

We first visited Local's on a Sunday evening and the bar was nice and quiet. We ordered 3 sushi rolls, and they were so delicious we ordered a fourth! The Temptation roll is my favorite, with the Alaskan in a very close second. Even on a night when the bar wasn't crowded, the food and service were both superb.

Usually after a night of sushi, I'm not craving it again for a while, but this was NOT the case for Locals. We ordered take out sushi on Tuesday night, and visited the bar again on Thursday! Three times in ONE WEEK!

Local's was recently awarded the best sushi in Charleston award, and I can understand why. During our visit on Thursday, we sat at the sushi bar so we could marvel at the chef's talents. We even sampled his version of the Mango roll that won the award! Go to Local's - your taste buds will thank you!

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what it's all about...

It seems like we eat out in restaurants every night. I am a self-proclaimed terrible cook and the debate each day is where to dine for dinner. We are super lucky to be living in such a great place with a plethora of restaurants, but choosing a place to eat is easier said than done.

When you live in a tourist town, you learn about the "tourist traps" - restaurants that sound great, are horrible, and don't care because they cater to tourists and don't worry about the repeat business.

Then their are the many chains in Mount Pleasant, and the Charleston area - some good, some bad - I think this really depends on management and if the staff cares about the job they are doing.

Every once in a while, you will find a true gem - a restaurant that you could go anytime, and sometimes multiple times a week. A place where you feel at home, and the food is amazing.

This blog is about the good, the bad and the ugly. My disclaimer - I understand that mistakes happen in restaurants - my thoughts and actual stories may explore why the issue happened and how it was handled - or not handled.

I hope this blog can be a guidebook for those looking for the "honey holes" of great places to eat, and avoids the places that make you feel shafted as you walk out the door. Enjoy.