Monday, July 4, 2011

local's bar - mt. pleasant, sc

Local's bar is a true hidden gem in Mount Pleasant. It is located in the Queensborough shopping center surrounded by offices, and businesses. It's called Local's for a reason, the tourist could never find it!

We first visited Local's on a Sunday evening and the bar was nice and quiet. We ordered 3 sushi rolls, and they were so delicious we ordered a fourth! The Temptation roll is my favorite, with the Alaskan in a very close second. Even on a night when the bar wasn't crowded, the food and service were both superb.

Usually after a night of sushi, I'm not craving it again for a while, but this was NOT the case for Locals. We ordered take out sushi on Tuesday night, and visited the bar again on Thursday! Three times in ONE WEEK!

Local's was recently awarded the best sushi in Charleston award, and I can understand why. During our visit on Thursday, we sat at the sushi bar so we could marvel at the chef's talents. We even sampled his version of the Mango roll that won the award! Go to Local's - your taste buds will thank you!

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  2. Yes Local's is a great place, and so is Tsunami who won the other award for "People's Choice" best sushi in Charleston at the Get Your Roll On contest. Tsunami and Local's are both great local businesses, and have close ties with each other. If you like one you will like the other!

  3. My family is originally from Mount Pleasant. And I have to say that there are many hidden gems throughout the entire area. For being a such a small place it has very diverse food options…and with more and more places popping up all the time. That should also drastically improve the state of the Mount Pleasant, SC real estate market as well by pulling in more businesses.